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Wisma GKBI 12th Fl. Suite 1201 Jl. Jend. Sudriman No28 Jakarta 10210, Indonesia


PT. Bank KEB Indonesia began operations in 1968 as a representative office and launched full-scale
operations in 1990 after its conversion into a subsidiary. The bank grew alongside the development of the Korean
community in Indonesia. From the initial business of providing financial services to companies engaged in labor-intensive
industries such as textiles, embroidery, shoemaking, and others, it has expanded the scope of its services since the Asian
financial crisis of 1997 to cover high-tech industries such as electricity, electronics, and IT. At present, the bank has
positioned itself as a rock-solid reliable partner for approx. 350 Korean companies and 30,000 Korean residents in Indonesia.

Major Products & Services

PT. Bank KEB Indonesia offers demand deposits, time deposits, installment savings, check issuance services
for demand deposits, etc.
Credit lending
The bank provides corporate loans including working capital loans, loans for facility investment,
accounts receivables-collateralized loans (ARC Loan), loans secured by standby L/Cs, export-import loans (LC purchase and
opening; loans related to trust receipts), payment guaranty (bid bonds, payment bonds, advance payment bonds), etc.
Trade finance
The bank furnishes its customers with prompt, convenient trade finance services including purchases of L/Cs, documents
against payment (DPs) and documents against acceptance (DA) as well as the opening of L/Cs for imports and trade-related
consulting services.
Foreign currency
The bank provides an array of professional foreign exchange services including “speed remittance services,” wire transfers,
currency exchanges, exchange rate information, and more.
Internet banking
The bank provides various services via the Internet including deposit balances, details of wire transfers,
trade transactions, outstanding balances on loans and interest, as well as all banking transactions such as
fund transfers, wire transfers, and trade finance.