KEB has upgraded its English Internet Banking website,and continues to make enhancements for better usability & functionality.
With KEB Internet banking you won’t experience :
Vague expressions and technical terms
Unfamiliar abbreviations
Incomprehensible error messages
How to start using KEB English Internet Banking Service
1. Visit a branch : Fill out the application form, get a Security card or an OTP card (One-time
Don’t forget to bring your ID card & KEB passbook!
2. Go online and issue a Digital Certificate using the ID you registered at Branch.
3. Log in using issued Digital Certificate
4. Use KEB’s handy English Internet Banking Service
※ We can help you do all of these when you visit our VIP center or Global Desk.
※ From home or your office if you have any trouble using the service, please call expat help desk
  (☎ 1544-3000, 1588-3500)