Special Branches for Expats
100% English-based service at special branches
KEB Foreign VIP Centers
KEB Global Desks
KEB Expat Cards
Various Expat Cards, also you can bank with a debit card anywhere by using ATM and access your cash globally
Payroll Account
Discounts on transaction fees, preferential FX rates, interest rates, lending rates, etc
Multi-Currency Account
You can keep your money in your currency of choice
Expat Savings Account
This is a regular interest-earning Korea Won savings account customized for Expats that comes
with an English passbook (all transaction details are displayed in English). You will be issued
a check card or debit card immediately upon opening this account. You will be able to withdraw
money using your passbook.
Special benefits:
Discounts on foreign exchange commissions
Exemption from fees when transferring money to another domestic bank using Internet and Mobile
banking, for the first three months
Exemption from fees when withdrawing money at any KEB CD/ATM
Free accident insurance service (only for new subscribers in 2009 for one year)
Quick & Easy Remittance Service
Remit your money through “easy-one” & ATM remittance service, Mobile & Internet Banking
No need to visit the branch
BP(Check cashing) Service for EXPAT
Immediate funds availability as if you were in your own country
Spare Money Management
Efficiently manage your money with free consulting service
Tailored portfolio
English Internet Banking Service
You can freely do your banking from your office or home
CD/ATM with Multi-lingual Service
Number of support language screen display in 17 languages Moreover, English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German & Spanish languages are voice enabled
Various Seminars & Events
Opportunity to extend your global networks in Korea